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Events for Sep 21, 2017

SVTC Luncheon | Resilient Technology Solar Solutions

September 21 2017, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm | Wood Grill Buffet

Resilient technology solar solutions; Wood Grill, Harrisonburg. Dr. Anthony Smith of Secure Futures.

Today we’re seeing how investing in solar regeneration reaps double dividends (R2D2) for commercial triple-bottom-line property owners (C-3POs) in the Shenandoah Valley.  In fact we’re seeing leveraged internal rates of return hovering well above 15% to 20% for property owners who invest in solar technology.  However, not all solar value propositions are the same.  It’s easy to over-size a solar array, under-estimate its value in reducing cooling load and roof membrane life, and totally miss the mark in assessing how best to maximize peak demand shaving potential.  Dr. Tony Smith will share some of the secret sauce that can be used to successfully develop customer-driven solar solutions, so that a company can become a solar rock-star in achieving economic, environmental and community benefits.


About Tony Smith:
Dr. Anthony Smith is the CEO of Secure Futures Solar (http://securefutures.solar), a Staunton Virginia based solar development company that serves as a Virginia market and policy leader in building, owning and managing  affordable  Resilient Solar Solutions® for public purpose entities. Tony brings over 30 years’ experience in energy efficiency, solar energy, and community economic development in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He serves as a board member of the Virginia Alternative & Renewable Energy Association (VA-AREA), and had previously co-directed EMU’s MBA program. He earned his Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD from the Wharton School of Management, University of Pennsylvania.

Tony Smith  




Sponsored by Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver PLC

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