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Axon AI

Contact:Allison Brueckner
Address: 2 South Main Street
Suite 501
Harrisonburg VA 22802
Phone:(734) 834-4276
Email: allison.brueckner@axonai.com
Description:AxonAI, we overcome the limitations of current approaches to analysis, decision-making, and operations by deploying swarms of simple software processes on massively parallel computing architectures that continuously assess new information, collectively contribute to the required analytic products, and learn from human input and real-world observations. With AXON:OS, we have developed a flexible platform of Swarm-Intelligence based reasoning modules that can be assembled into a wide range of customer applications. Early examples of such applications are AXON:Investigation (supporting knowledge extraction from complex data for enhanced situational awareness) and AXON:Risk (continuously providing updated risk profiles for broad classes of events based on real-time data).